Chat commands

Chat commands are slash (/) commands used to activate functions of the game.

Command List

/emote or /e : Prefix for Roblox emotes. Users with R15 enabled may also use the dance4, dance5, and backflip emotes.

/reset : Kills you. You will respawn in front of your park.

/hidechat : Minimizes the chat box.

/hideui : Hides the interface and minimizes the chat box.

/vipadmin-get <player> : Teleports a player to your location. Only usable by VIP server admin.

/vipadmin-goto <player> : Teleport yourself to another player's location. Only usable by VIP server admin.

/vipadmin-dynamictod : Used to enable dynamic time of day (day/night cycle). Enabled by default. Only usable by VIP server admin.

/vipadmin-settod <number> : Sets the time of day to the number given in game minutes*2. This action disables dynamic time of day.

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