The Ferris wheel is a gentle ride added in v85.


The ride consists of a giant vertical revolving wheel with passenger carts suspended on its outer edge. It is 14 blocks (28m) tall.

Default Ratings:

Excitement: 3.50
Intensity: 0.50
Nausea: 0.50

Color Parameters

Vehicle colors:

  • Primary veh. color: Drive rim color
  • Secondary veh. color: Cart color
  • Tertiary veh. color: Spokes color


  • Primary color: Wheel supports color
  • Secondary color: Stairs color
  • Tertiary color: Axis color
  • Supports color: Supports color

Other Information

  • It is the 4th tallest flatride.
  • Sometimes during the course, it stops for other people to get on while people are on it.
  • Players may sometimes even bother to ride it to enjoy the scenery, likewise for the Observation tower.