The nautic jet is a water ride added in v109.


The ride consists of a boat which is attached by wire to a ramp. The boat is pulled up the ramp and launched onto the water, then pulled back to the starting position by the wire.

Default Ratings:

Excitement: 4.00
Intensity: 3.50
Nausea: 2.50

Color Parameters

Vehicle colors:

  • Primary veh. color: Boat color
  • Secondary veh. color: Seat color
  • Tertiary veh. color: Restraint color


  • Primary color: Ramp color
  • Secondary color: Ramp lower color
  • Tertiary color: Ramp support frame color
  • Supports color: Supports color

Other Information

  • This ride requires at least six blocks of water in front of it.
  • It was the first ride that had to be placed on water.
RobloxScreenShot20170620 224451528

Launched nautic jet