The river rapids is a water ride added in v127.


The ride consists of rafts carried along a track by water. Up to five rafts may run at once.

Default Ratings:

Excitement: 2.90
Intensity: 2.50
Nausea: 1.50

Supported Track:

Slight incline, slight decline, sharp turns, rapids, waterfalls, chicanes, and long straight up/down

Color Parameters

Vehicle colors:

  • Primary veh. color: Main color
  • Secondary veh. color: Seat and bumper color
  • Tertiary veh. color: Wheel color

Targetted piece colors:

  • Primary color: Track color
  • Secondary color: Station wood color
  • Supports color: Supports color

Other Information

  • Lift is automatically added to inclines.
  • When moving at above-average speed, water particles will appear in front of the raft.