Swan boats is a water ride added in v123.


The ride features swan-shaped boats that are guided by buoys. Up to five boats may run at once. The ride only allows track pieces to be placed on top of water.

Default Ratings:

Excitement: 1.20
Intensity: 0.90
Nausea: 0.50

Supported Track:

Sharp turns and chicanes

Color Parameters

Vehicle colors:

  • Primary veh. color: Swan body color
  • Secondary veh. color: Swan beak color
  • Tertiary veh. color: Seat color

Targetted piece colors:

  • Primary color: Buoy color
  • Secondary color: Buoy secondary color
  • Tertiary color: Station color

Other Information

  • The boats are rather slow, moving at a speed of 7km/h. The speed can be increased up to 500% with the ride operations gamepass.
  • RobloxScreenShot20170621 004827280

    Swan boats example track (enhanced for visibility)

    It is the only custom track ride that does not support inclines.
  • Used to achieve "Explore the world with swans!"