Terrain demo editheight

Edit terrain height demo

Edit terrain height is terrain tool.


The edit terrain height tool is used for advanced terrain editing.


With the edit terrain height tool, you can manipulate the vertices of a terrain block. To select a single vertex, hover the mouse over a corner of the block. To select two vertices at once, hover the mouse between two corners. To select all vertices, hover the mouse over the blue circle at the center of the block. The selection is indicated by white lines on the edges and glowing purple spheres on the vertices. The height of each vertex is displayed on the spheres.

To change the height of the selection, hold and drag it. When dragging the selection, a blue dotted line will appear. The change in height is displayed along this line. Releasing the mouse button will confirm the change.

You can also increase the brush range of this tool by clicking the grid with a plus (+) icon, or by pressing the R key. However, you can only edit the total height of a selection when using this feature. To decrease the brush range, click the grid with a minus (-) icon, or press the F key.

The cost to use this tool is $10 per cell edit.


Terrain menu editheight


  • Terrain editing is not refundable.
  • The lowest level is 2 meters (18m/9 blocks down from ground level).
  • Using increased brush range will level the vertices, so be careful when using it near/on detailed terrain.

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