Good day, ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to discuss a feature that I wish to be added, and hopefully get it recognized by the community and discussed upon if it would be a good addition.

The creators should add two statistics for rides, being the Ride Scenery, and the Queue Scenery. With more Ride Scenery, there will be more ENJOYMENT for the ride. This will make their overall impression on the ride more valuable. However, queue scenery would be slightly different. With a more attractive queue, there will be more people to queue up for rides. It would also affect if the people will leave the queue due to if the queue is long and boring. If the queue is long but has tons of decorations, people will be less prone to leave the queue, and more people will join the queue.

Ride/Queue scenery will be gained by each piece of scenery (Walls, Trees, etc.) emitting a zone of effect. If a queue/ride is in the 'zone of effect' of multiple scenery objects, the ride/queue will have increased scenery value.

Here I show a few examples (Both are teacup rides, just to be "fair". The first one is an ugly ride. It would most likely get you barely any customers versus the second ride.


Ugly Ride


Elite Ride

Please remember to discuss positive ideas or constructive criticism!