New Park?!

After my almighty nature themed park, I am deciding to make a new one. My last park was nature themed, and so this one is a mix of wierd and peasant-ish? Oh well! I really hope it turns out good. It is going to be called "Empire Of Xshoz". 2/3 of this empire is inside castle walls, which is a very bright-but-also-dark place. The other piece is filled with peasants, like merchants, bakers, blacksmiths, and artisans. They built brick bakeries, houses, and rides' shelter. There is one boy there who says, on a sign,"The other side is a wierd place, I tell you. I looked through the door, and suddenly I see colorful mushrooms. Your a tourist, right? Well, there is a chance you can either be 'wierd-i-fied' as what my papa said." Yep. A story indeed. But I hope you'll like it too! I will be posting more pictures in my blog, so please check daily!

Sneek Peak (Entrance)