Park ratings example

Example of park ratings

This is a guide on how to increase your park rating if you get stuck in Theme Park Tycoon 2.

2 stars:

Place at least five seats in your park. Can be any kind, and add at least 1 toilet

3 stars:

Build Roller Coasters in your park. Buy most non-custom track rides. Add more seats/benches. When you get to 3.5 stars, you get the achievement 'Nice Theme Park' which unlocks the Multi Launch Coaster.

4 stars:

Place trash cans and lights. There should be no trash in your park.

5 stars:

Place lots of stalls, scenery, and benches. This ranking is achieved through high customer satisfaction (none/not many people unhappy). The reward for this is the achievement "Incredible Theme Park!", which gets you a Personal Statue.


As you expand you park, a problem that many people and I had, is to keep on adding bathrooms, food stalls (food and drink), seats and just to make your park look nice and professional, add decor. But try not to go overboard on the decoration though!