The vertical launch coaster is a roller coaster added in v100.


The coaster features a train with lap bar restraints and a flat track.

Default Ratings:

Excitement: 2.00
Intensity: 2.00
Nausea: 0.00

Supported Track:

Slight incline, steep incline, slight decline, steep decline, vertical, vertical up to vertical down (U-Turn), horizontal to vertical w/ boosters, vertical boosters, chicanes, long straight up/down, half loops, flat slope turns, looping, spirals, and corkscrews. It supports a full 180° of banking.

Color Parameters

Vehicle colors:

  • Primary veh. color: Seat and restraint color
  • Secondary veh. color: Cart floor color

Targetted piece colors:

  • Primary color: Track color
  • Supports color: Supports color

Other Information

  • It is the only coaster with vertical boosters.
  • The boosters of a vertical coaster cannot be used on declines or banked track.
  • Its max speed is 277 km/h.
    RobloxScreenShot20170616 031957347

    Vertical launch boosters